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Informative & Accurate Reference Checking


Reference Checks




Refapp is a talent intelligence solution that helps recruiters conduct efficient, professional and secure reference checks on each candidate. The tool also enables seamless and accurate Right To Work checks.

Refapp's intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to quickly, securely and efficiently gather information from references. Automatically collect 360-degree candidate insights and hire people who will thrive and help your organisation grow.

Establish a digital reference checking process in a smooth step-by-step way. We have a vast library of questionnaire templates you can use straight out of the box. You can also create custom-made templates, enabling you to get started with your digital reference checking within minutes. Refapp automatically collects the answers in a comparable easy-to-read report which can be shared securely with your team or client.

Automated Right to Work checks with Refapp and HooYu

In partnership with Government-trusted IDSP, HooYu, we can deliver a seamless and accurate Right To Work verification on every candidate you hire. Eliminate risk and ensure all necessary precautions to prove your candidate’s identity. 


With the Refapp and Workable integration, you can easily initiate a reference check from your existing workflow. Automated emails and text messages ensure you don't have to manually remind references to submit their answers. Lean back and let the references answer when and how it suits them. This allows your team to spend more time on revenue-generating activities and onboarding new candidates.

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